Texas Franchise Tax

The Texas franchise tax is a privilege tax imposed on each taxable entity chartered/organized in Texas or doing business in Texas.

Reporting Change for Passive Entities

Effective for franchise tax reports originally due on or after Jan. 1, 2011, a passive entity that is registered (or required to be registered) with either the Texas Secretary of State or the Comptroller’s office must file Form 05-163 to affirm that the entity qualifies as passive for the period upon which the tax is based. Form 05-163 is available on our Franchise Tax Forms page.

Franchise Tax Accountability Questionnaires – New Online Version

This questionnaire must be completed by any Texas or out-of-state entity who recently registered with the Secretary of State or established a franchise tax account with this office. Learn more about our new online version of the questionnaire.

Get Account Status/Texas Taxpayer ID Number

Check current franchise tax account standing, view and print a certificate of account status (good standing) or look up a Texas franchise taxpayer ID number.

Franchise Tax Account Status

Any entity’s account status that is in “temporary good standing” will be updated when the franchise tax report is processed to the account. Learn more about Certification of Account Status.

Tax Assistance and Customer Service Response Times

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