Texas Corporation Name Reservations

The BOC provisions relating to name reservations apply to all filing entity types; consequently, a name reservation may be used in connection with a document filed by any foreign or domestic filing entity. The filing fee for a name reservation is a standard fee of $40.
Section 5.105 of the BOC permits the renewal of a current name reservation. The reservation may be renewed for an additional 120-day period by filing a new application for name reservation during the 30-day period preceding the expiration of the current reservation. The BOC filing fee for a renewal of name reservation is $40.
The applicant of record must submit the name reservation renewal. If the renewal of reservation lists an applicant other than the applicant of record with the Secretary of State, a transfer of the name reservation will be required. The fee for a transfer of name reservation is $15.
An applicant may terminate a name reservation before the expiration of its 120-day term by submitting a withdrawal of the name reservation pursuant to section 5.104(2) of the BOC. There is no fee associated with the filing of a withdrawal of a name reservation.