Texas Business Resources

Texas is a unique state. Its enormous size, diverse population and vast natural resources have shaped it into an economic powerhouse that plays a significant role in the nation and the world. Many influences have combined to build Texas. Examine some of the major factors shaping the state, its economy and its ways of life:

Business Advantage

Texas’ low tax burdens and business-friendly climate have made it a highly desirable location for new and growing companies.


Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. Our growing population is becoming older, less rural and more diverse.


Texas is the nation’s largest producer and consumer of energy, and a national leader in the development of renewable energy sources.

Global Trade

Texas is a hub for world trade. It’s the nation’s leading exporting state, and twice as dependent on exports as the nation as a whole.


Texas is a great place to live and work, with a healthy and affordable housing market that ranks 42nd among states in median costs.

Infrastructure & Transportation

To ensure its continued success, Texas requires ready supplies of clean water, energy and an extensive network of roads, rails and ports.

Science and Technology

Texas has become a world technology leader, with top-notch university research and unique programs that encourage tech-related business.