Request Benefit Texas Unemployment Payments

You must request payment to receive benefits.

Use or Tele-Serv,
our automated telephone system. We send
you instructions on how and when to request
1.  If you worked during your claim week,
you must report those wages as
instructed when you request payment.
Other Issues
2.  Eligibility: If you qualify for benefits and
have requested payment, we will begin
depositing benefits to your account.
If you do not qualify, we will notify you
by mail and you may appeal the decision.
n Waiting Week: We hold your benefits
for the first payable week as the waiting
week. TWC pays the waiting week after we
pay you three times your weekly amount.
3.  Wages for notice: If you received wages
instead of notice of layoff, you do not
receive benefits for the weeks covered by
those wages. However, you should apply
for benefits and request payment. You get
no money during this period, but you will
have served your waiting week.
4.  Pensions: Some pensions, retirement pay,
and annuities may reduce your benefits.