Certificate of Correction

The correction of a filing instrument, and not the revocation of the filing.
A filing entity may correct an instrument that was filed with the Secretary of State when the instrument is an inaccurate record of the action referred to in the instrument, contains an inaccurate or erroneous statement, or was defectively executed.3 A certificate of correction would be executed by a person who was authorized to sign the filing instrument to be corrected.
Documents may be corrected to contain only those statements that lawfully could have been included in the original instrument. The certificate of correction may not be used to alter, include, or delete a statement that by its alteration, inclusion, or deletion would have caused the Secretary of State to determine that the document did not conform to law.
The filing of the certificate of correction relates back to the original date of the filing except as to those persons who are adversely affected by the correction. In the case of a person adversely affected by the correction, the filing instrument is considered to have been corrected on the date the certificate of correction is filed.
Corrections do not void or revoke the original filing as the BOC provisions for correction, sections 4.101 through 4.105, specifically provide that any certificate issued by the Secretary of State with respect to the effect of filing the original instrument is considered to be applicable to the instrument as corrected.