Before You Apply for Texas Unemployment Benefits

Apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI)
benefits on or by calling
a Tele-Center. Be sure you have:
n Your last employer’s name and mailing
n Start and end dates of your last job.
n Your alien registration number, if you are
not a U.S. citizen.
If you were part of a mass layoff, your
employer provides the Texas Workforce
Commission (TWC) with information for part
of your claim. Then we send you instructions
on how to complete your application.
UI eligibility requirements
n Past wages: You must have earned
enough wages in the first four of the last
five completed calendar quarters before
the effective date of your claim.
n Last work: You must be unemployed or
partially unemployed through no fault of
your own.
n Able and available: You must be able
and available for work. Unless TWC
exempts you, you must look for work
and keep a detailed record of your work
search activities