A View of the Lone Star State – Maps

It’s true—everything’s bigger in Texas, which is why we slice and dice our state map into a multitude of geographic boundaries. Find regional snapshots, map resources and related links below.

Comptroller Economic Regions

View economic reports as they are released for Texas’ twelve economic regions: High Plains, Northwest Texas, Metroplex, Upper East Texas, Southeast Texas, Gulf Coast, Central Texas, Capital, Alamo, South Texas, West Texas and Upper Rio Grande.


More and more federal and state responsibilities, including many service programs, are being delegated or mandated to Texas’ 254 counties.

Councils of Government (COGs)

Regional councils are voluntary associations of local governments formed under Texas law to deal with the problems and planning needs that cross the boundaries of individual local governments or that require regional attention.

Enterprise Zones

An Enterprise Zone is any census block group in which the poverty level is 20% or higher as identified by the most recent census, which is the 2000 census (effective date of changes was September 1, 2003).

The Texas Enterprise Zone Program is an economic development tool for local communities to partner with the State of Texas to promote job creation and capital investment in economically distressed areas of the state.

Rural Areas

Rural Texas is undergoing an economic shift. The two industries that have served as the linchpins of rural Texas—oil production and agriculture—have witnessed massive changes over the past twenty years. Get a rural Texas snapshot >

Map Resources